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ForexMailer.com we know how essential it is to have a trustworthy and credible trading broker and know it can be a hectic task to search all of the related trading data in one place. That’s why we have created this site to help you in selecting the right broker or exchanging for your needs.

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‘FX’ and Forex are terms that are used for ‘foreign exchange.’ Currency trading or foreign trading is exchanging money from different regions. The forex traders earn a lot of money through selling and buying currencies in the market of foreign exchange.

No one owns it. The Forex is the interbank market, which means that its transactions are conducted between two parties, the buyer and the seller.

You need to register a trading account with the Forex broker that we recommended for 2021. It takes less than 5 minutes of your time.

Yes, we take care of our customers that the trading of foreign exchange involves considerable risk. It is essential to know about the risks involved in trading and do not invest the money you cannot afford to lose.

Yes, make sure to check that your chosen broker is regulated in your area.

We recommend you to prefer a regulated broker as he has essential protocols and measures that he needs to follow. The specialist firms supply the standard and make sure that there are legitimate brokers.

No, every trader will have different demands, requirements, and personal preferences for a particular trading platform.

You will choose the online trading platform, which is the following characteristics:

  • User-friendly platform

  • Easy deposit methods

  • 24/7 access

  • Different tools for trading such as news, financial calendars, outlooks, and charts

There are several payment methods available, and these methods will affect both your profits and investment. Nowadays, most of the traders are using electronic payment systems, such as Moneybookers, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.

Yes, bonuses are the best, especially those such as the ‘Refer a Friend’ platform or the ‘No Deposit Bonus.’

No system can make sure that any transaction will result in attractive benefits, nor is it possible to assure that the operation will give promising results

There is nothing. You must develop your strategies for every situation if you want to make a significant profit.

You can start trading with as little as 1$ with some brokers. Generally, the amount differs from 100$ to 10,000$.

Usually, you cannot. The broker will not permit you to lose more than the funds present in your trading account. It will close your losing position when your balance reduces to zero.

Margin is the amount of money you must have in your broker account for securing your open position. This amount differs for different brokers.

AssetsFX.com is solely regulated by AssetsFX Global Ltd. It is registered from SVG, and the registration number is 26438 BC 2021.

The minimum deposit amount of AssetsFX is $50 (ECN Account).

The maximum Leverage of AssetsFX is 500:1(For the accounts up to $20000).

AssetsFX has a wide range of liquidity providers which also comprehend 20 major banks globally and hedge funds.

After registering to AssetsFX, you will be instantly redirected to the Client Area. You need to upload your required documents (A scanned copy of your passport, NID & Bank Statement, or Utility Bill, not over three months). Then within a couple of hours, your documentation will be checked and verified.

AssetsFX mainly provides three types of accounts, including:

  1. Cent Account: Best for those who need spread pricing and currency trading experience
  2. Standard Account: For traders who focused on the tight spread with a fixed commission
  3. ECN Account: For the Expert FX traders who trade on High Volume

Both the Deposit and Withdrawl methods of AssetsFX are made convenient. You can place a deposit and withdraw money from:

  1. Local Banks of your Country
  2. Perfect Money
  3. Bitcoin (BTC)
  4. Ethereum (ETH)
  5. Ripple (XRP)
  6. Tether (USDT)
  7. Lite-Coin (LTC)

Yes! AssetsFX does provide bonuses to their clients. You can get a 20% bonus on unlimited deposit trading with AssetsFX.

The maximum time length is 24 working hours, but usually, it takes a couple of minutes to process. And the excellent news is you should withdraw your money 24/7.

Brokers usually have the same feature line for their clients. But there are some certain features available at AssetsFX only, and that is what makes it different. For instance:

  1. $1 instant cashback on each lot of trade
  2. 24/7 Deposit & Withdrawal service.

That means traders can get cashback of $1 on each and every lot trade with a facility of 24/7 Deposit & Withdrawal service.

AssetsFX provides 3 types of partnership programs: IB Application, Revenue Share and Regional Representative.

Of course, AssetsFX provides 24/7 customer service support. Also, it offers local language support, including Bangla, Hindi, and Urdu.