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broker Axiory

Axiory Broker was established in 2012, and the idea of opening the business is to provide the Forex industry with a “Safe and Sound” atmosphere. Additionally, they are coming up with the latest technologies and advanced tools for the success of their investors.

  • Financial Commission Memmber
  • cTreader, MT$ & FIX API
  • PAMM/MAM Accounts


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Traders Way
Very Good

Hey, it's Trader's Way! They offer FX and CFD online trading on ECN and Micro accounts via MetaTrader and cTrader trading platforms. This is an offshore forex broker that accepts US clients.

  • Commission free accounts
  • Free VPS
  • Fixed spread accounts


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With the help of advanced technology, great commission & fee, and super Customer Service, OctaFX has managed to expand its arms into more than 100 countries. Now, they have more than 300k live accounts and achieved the milestone of $4 Billion in daily volume.

  • Autochartist forex signal
  • Local bank deposit
  • Crypto Trading


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The company is consistently securing the place as the most “Safest Place” for the investors because it provides you high transparent access to the market.VantageFX Broker is an award-winning company for providing the best Customer Service and exceptional execution speed.

  • Offered PAMM, MAM & ZuluTrade
  • Support News Spike Trading
  • Allow EAs/Robots


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forexmaoler broker5

XM broker has more than “1 million” clients, and they are serving more than 195 countries around the globe (they have their services in every country of the world).

  • No Re-Quotes, No Rejection, Fastest Executions
  • Multi-regulated broker, 24/5 Support
  • Negative Balance Protection


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equiti v2

Equiti Broker started to roll in the world of "Forex Trading" back in 2013, and they have only one goal; to provide their users with safe, easy, and profitable trading.

  • Insurance up to 1 million USD
  • Funds segregated
  • STP/ECN Broker


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Very Good

From all corners of the globe, thousands of traders have already benefited from FX choice's unbeatable trading conditions and rock-solid service.

  • Commission free accounts
  • Accepts USA clients
  • Free VPS


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FBS v2
Very Good

Now, FBS Broker has got the interest of more than 190 countries around the globe and all thanks to the “Rules and Regulations” of CySEC and IFSC.

  • Offered 1:3000 Leverage
  • Offered local Deposit
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Accept Bitcoin


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Alpari Broker has a rich history and they are considered as the Pioneers of “Offering MetaTrader Platforms Suit,” such as MT4 and MT5.

  • Financial Commission (FC) Members
  • Signals from Autochartist
  • PAMM Accounts


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Very Good

Tickmill broker is regulated by the top regulatory bodies such as “CySEC, FSS, and FCA.” This marketplace for the traders is heaven for those who are eyeing on “Safest Place” for the investors.

  • Top Trading Conditions
  • Lightning-fast Execution Speed
  • No restrictions on profitability


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forexmailer broker4

More than 60k active clients from all around the globe for their Instant withdrawal of funds, 24/7 technical support, Instant market execution, and other benefits.

  • Instant withdrawal of funds
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Provides VPS
  • Accept Bitcoin


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Forexmailer broker3

IC Markets is now providing you more than 65 currency pairs as of now (2020) and 41 CFDs. IC Markets Broker is one of a few traders that provides you the opportunity of “Social Trading” as well with the help of the “Myfxbook” and “Zulu Trade” platform.

  • Zero fees on Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Offer Ctrader & MT5
  • Live chat 24/7


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AssetFX Logo.svg 300x120

With an objective of offering the possible BEST trading opportunities, including ultra-low spreads-fees and lightning-fast trading platforms, AssetsFX was fabricated back in early 2013. The arousing brokerage company is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont.

  • All trading instruments are available
  • Ultra wide range of trading opportunities
  • Instant execution available

Everything you want to hear about Bitcoin Trading Brokers

Knowing the concepts of Bitcoin and trading in Bitcoin is much easier these days once you learn about the basics of it. Then without facing any stoppage, you can drive faster on your way. 

Bitcoin trading is just about buying at the lowest market

    prices and selling it with the next bounce of the price

Funding in Bitcoin refers, locking the Bitcoin for a lengthy period to make the desired profit. 

Bitcoin trading indicates you’re analyzing the entire application, anticipating the cost and price charts carefully. 


As we mentioned earlier, the procedure of Bitcoin trading is way simple and easy to learn.

The traders can earn profits easily from the pips difference between the purchase and sell price, intending to sell the Bitcoin at a higher price.

A different way, traders can earn money by converting Bitcoin into regional currencies when the price of Bitcoin is higher than in your local currency. 

So, expertise in dealing with and having the proper knowledge is the key to obtain benefits from Bitcoin. 

If you’ve experienced and have sound knowledge about Bitcoin, you can earn lots of money from trading Bitcoin. 

You can find several ways to explain or determine the ups and downs of Bitcoin, but the more efficient way must be the-

  • Fundamental Analysis 

  • Technical Analysis

To perceive success on the Bitcoin market, and discover out the best Bitcoin Brokers, your Bitcoin trading needs a real long venture.  

Before pretending to yourself as an “Expert,” you have to face more struggle, have to spend more money, and have to give your precious time on Bitcoin Trading. 

Now, here are the points you need to follow while starting your journey as a Bitcoin trader:

  • Open the account with a reliable Bitcoin broker. For Example ( CEX, eToro, Bitstamp)
  • Complete the Verification process (identity)
  • Deposit the money into the trading account
  • Take a position on the market (Buy or Sell) 

Thus, Bitcoin trading is way easy for any of the new traders. 

While deciding to invest in the Bitcoin market, people always fix which train to catch; Bitcoin or mining?

In fact, in both directions, you will see some benefits and limitations. But to apprehend the real adventure, you should keep running towards your destination. 

To learn more about Bitcoin Trading, please be with us and continue browsing. We will try to break down this with some conclusive findings!


Here's the guidance for exploring Bitcoin exchanging from the most popular Bitcoin trading brokers. 

  • Open your account on Coinbase or choose any reliable broker. 
  • Set a plan of purchasing Bitcoin with the amount you want to invest.
  • Wait for the desired gain with the ups and downs of the market prices. 

What do you think? Isn’t starting funding in Bitcoin more comfortable for you? 

You may resume on your own or may contact us to get started right now!


You may find numerous ways to acquire the cryptocurrency, but the most familiar ones are- 

  • Trading 

  • Mining

Like other investments, you might notice benefits and barriers in trading and mining that depend on your expertise and understanding. One might be more secure than others in different prospects. 

If you’re querying which one is more suitable for you, then the following are the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin and Mining. 

What are the notable benefits and weaknesses of BITCOIN? Would you want to see it in a quick view?

Let's have a quick look at it. 


  • High Liquidity; No options of facing problems while transacting with other Cryptocurrencies.
  • Universal Approval; hundreds of merchants around the globe approving Bitcoin payments besides the U.S.
  • Quickest mode of the transaction without involving any third party.
  • International Transactions; without any additional fee.
  • A ready payment system; can be used in any situation.
  • No chance of being Stolen.
  • No risk of tracking and paying taxes.
  • No chance of inflation.
  • No Chance of Charge-Backs

Now, time to talk about a few downsides of Bitcoin trading.


  • Chance of facing scams, fraud, and relapses in the Bitcoin world.
  • Black Market; the threat of reputation.
  • No chances of enjoying the feature of chargeback and discounts.
  • Possible to substitute by another supercilious cryptocurrency.
  • Not have the Physical Form.
  • Banned in few countries.
  • Chances of facing unknown technical defects.

So, these are the blessings and harms of Bitcoin in short. 

Let's start up the discussion for mining as well. 


At the point of commencement mining, all you require to have potential GPUs, a good source of electricity, and a stable internet connection. Experience the benefits of mining the Bitcoin falling below:

  • Get Bitcoin as a bonus.
  • The option of avoiding high charges and seizing your coin immediately. 
  • Mining the Bitcoin indicates you have already assisted the unit in confirming the safety of the system. 
  • Get another cryptocurrency with powerful hardware by mining different digital currencies as well. 


A few downsides of Bitcoin Mining are spotted below:

  • Lack of Assurance: The absence of a central authority may risk your transactions. If you want any security during the exchange with the buyer, there is no chance to get that because there is no formed body for controlling Bitcoin. 
  • Not Reliable as like a Bank: If you desire your Bitcoin to be guaranteed your money like keeping in a bank, then stop dreaming, it’s not possible to transpire. 
  • Technical Defects: We all apprehend that Bitcoin is a “Software System,” formed up of code. The code can be in a stable method but can never be absolute, and if there occurs any technical problem with this code, it may have an adverse consequence on your earnings. 
  • Threats in Earnings: The amount of electricity needed to use during the mining period might be a big issue concerning the expense. So, adopting the strong GPU, Process and CPU is the only technique to move. 

To get further details and assistance, you can reach out to our best Bitcoin Trading Brokers. 


Finally, we are pleased to say that you may comprehend the benefits and limitations of Bitcoin vs. Mining from the above article.

Now you can decide which one is the most suitable for you or the pickaxe item. If you’re fresh to Bitcoin Trading, then commence your funding in a small amount and make the experience in it first. 

It’s time to discuss another exciting topic, and that is “Bitcoin vs. Forex.” People are trying to find a  connection between Bitcoin and Forex. They are fancy to know more about the issue more and more.

Let us enlighten them regarding the topic. 


As we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin earlier, let us focus on the pros and cons of Forex trading intending to contribute a little more. 


Forex has a large-scale trading range, and there exist a lot of pros that Forex trading is rendering you: 

  • Biggest monetary market.
  • The market for all participants.
  • The market with high liquidity and volume.
  • No existence of an individual playmaker.
  • 24-Hours exchange market.
  • Low transaction charges.
  • The opportunity of using leverage.
  • Completely regulated market.

So, these are the privileges that Forex Market is offering to you.

Let’s address some of the cons. of the Forex Market: 

  • Brokerage Involvement: When a brokerage is concerned about investment, there are fewer scattered chances of a good outcome from the funding.
  • Risk Factor: Using a high leverage can be very crucial in the forex market because of the risks involved in it. 
  • High Volatility: High Volatility sometimes brings difficulties for traders. The change in global diplomacies and economics is one of the major threats. 


We discussed all the benefits and demerits of Forex and Bitcoin. Now, it's your turn, which one to pick as the most suitable online trading for you. 

If you think about continuing with Forex, you can expect a more prominent return from the investment you initially made, but besides that, you should be careful about the chance of losing your worthy capital.  

But if you decide to accept Bitcoin, you should consume significant time to acquire a proper experience, and invest an adequate amount of money to forecast the future price of it.

Risks exist in each profession. It’s all about the knowledge and expertise that can smooth your path. 

If you’re curious to know more about Bitcoin or Forex, our “Bitcoin Trading Brokers” and “Forex Trading Brokers” are eager to assist you anytime. 

In the upcoming section, we focus on the points that people are talking about and exploring through the Search Engines. We have noted everything coming below.



Having the strength of the new expanding market and ultimate striking opportunities, Bitcoin can remarkably be beneficial for newcomers as well as for the experts. 

The prices can be moving up and giving huge returns to your investment. Consequently, many people have the chance of obtaining money through Bitcoin Trading. 

But, have you any guess why Bitcoin is the most appealing and unique form of trading? 

Here’s the fact why you should run for Bitcoin trading:

  • Bitcoin is Universal.
  • Bitcoin offers 24/7 trades.
  • Bitcoin is unpredictable with high volatility nature.


Bitcoin trading is allowed in most countries, and when conveying Bitcoin, you have to pay the taxes based on the Bitcoin exchanges. But, no regulation states “Bitcoin is illegal.”

Simply because of the black bourse, the prominence of Bitcoin is wicked in a few countries and that’s the reason behind why they have blocked Bitcoin. Countries, where Bitcoin is banned, are listed below:

  • Bolivia.
  • Ecuador.
  • Columbia.


The least investment for Bitcoin is to acquire 1 Satoshi, which is equal to 0.00000001 Bitcoin. Considering the amount is so inadequate, you can’t purchase 1 Satoshi or trade it because the quantity is too small. 

Discussing the big platforms like Coinbase for trading Bitcoin, the least cost is 2 dollars. But, on LocalBitcoins, the smallest price is 1 cent. 

The current Bitcoin price is (1 Bitcoin= 8585 Dollars)


You can follow the approaches of the most reliable Bitcoin Trading Brokers, but let us present the best trading policies of our Bitcoin Trading Brokers.

  • Reduce the trading charges 
  • Follow the trading hours
  • Attend all news related Bitcoin 
  • Utilize the technical analysis
  • Apply Stop Losses 
  • Diversify the trades plans

Behave like with contemporary ages, “Fiat Currency System” will abolish one day, and people will habituate with the digital currency. 

But, you’ll have to practice patience for that opportunity to develop. Until that, “Discover more about Bitcoin because it’s continuing to serve you a lot.”


It's a real tough call to having a conclusion on that when you should empty your hand with the Bitcoin?

Experts suggest commonly, sell your Bitcoin when you have 20% to 50% of profit because you shouldn't idle for a year to make potential bulky payoffs. 


To be very honest with the statement, Bitcoin could be a prominent investment in 2020 if we resemble it with 2019. 

The halving will occur in May 2019, and after this incident, the block compensation will be bisected again to the U.S. Such a correction will boost the demand, investment, and price subsequently. 

So, it will be a great investment plan if you want to propel towards the Bitcoin trade in 2020.


Bitcoin is the leading Cryptocurrency of the recent era. If you gather adequate knowledge about Bitcoin, then it will be much easier to dominate the trading world without suffering any obstacle. 

If you have any queries regarding the topic of “Everything You want to know about Bitcoin Trading & Brokers,” please feel free to comment down below. 

We will respond to your interrogations shortly and will beat your stir away.

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